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"I have a lot of patience, more than Johnny. I was impulsive and un-organized before. Now, when we are going anywhere, I have to plan both my own packing and all that Lily-Rose needs. And today I am so well organized that my mother just laughs, because it is so unlike me. At the same time, I know that when my darling (Johnny) is impulsive and unbearable, I must calm him down. But it's not like I handle everything, we take turns. Sometimes I do feel an urge to scream or throw a dish into the wall. Once in awhile one must do so. But in the end, one of us must give in, if only it is not always the same person. Johnny just needs a spark and he explodes. But he can also be very calm. He can control his inner demons. And then he is more calm than I am."
- Vanessa Paradis

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